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When quick delivery is your priority, shipping by air is the way to go

Air Freight shipping allows shippers to respond to customers and market demands quickly. When a shipment needs to be at the final destinations tomorrow, shipping by air is the way. Air Freight is an important part of the supply chain.

How does air freight shipping work?

In a lot of cases, air shipments are arranged by an experienced Freight Forwarding Company . Freight Forwarders contract with a number of companies covering sea, air or road to transport goods on behalf of their clients. Although some Freight Forwarders have their own warehouses and vehicles, they aren’t necessarily the ones to carry out the transportation. Usually, they are the experts that are able to lead on the logistics and arrangements that will enable a smooth process giving companies piece of mind that their goods will be delivered.

How are air freight rates calculated?

What you’re shipping, the carrier and airline you use, and the shipment’s chargeable weight affect the rate. The chargeable weight is the gross weight (including the freight, packaging and pallet) or the volumetric weight — whichever is greater. Volumetric weight is calculated using a formula that divides the cargo’s measurements (LxWxH) by a dimensional weight factor. Typically, larger items that weigh less take up more space than small, heavy items, which is why air cargo carriers use the chargeable weight formula.

Advantages of Air Shipping

There are a number of advantages for shipping goods by air. These include:

  • Efficiency – Air shipping is quick. You can expect goods to be at its intended destination within days of. Ocean Freight Takes Muck longer
  • Good Value for small packages.
  • More Options – Shipping companies are able to offer more options to the importer with air freight
  • Less Potential to Damage Shipment . Boxes must be packed properly 
  • Easy to Track

Cargo Planes

Cargo planes are specifically designed to move freight. Some Air Cargo is shipped on Passenger Airlines.