Logistics Consulting Firms or 5PL Companies are companies that help small and medium size companies cut costs in various areas of business. Here is a list of activities that a 5PL can help you with:

  1. Reduce shipping costs by specifying the right shipping company. Whether it is a freight forwarder or an inland transportation company, your logistics consultant can help.
  2. Reduce Warehousing costs by providing a very efficient warehouse design so that you can accommodate more pallets while improving accessibility to inventory.
  3. Stream Line the fulfillment process making sure that the maximum number of orders are shipped with the most accuracy and the fasted way.
  4. Inventory Control: having too much inventory is costly and so is not having enough inventory. a 5PL company can help you control the inventory levels by using various techniques one of them is using cross Dock Services

So what is logistics Consulting?

In this world of turmoil and supply chain challenges, you might wonder if there is an end in sight, or how to keep your costs down. That is what we are here for, to make sure you are able to navigate through all the changes. We are International 5PL , Fifth party Logistics’ providers. Working with your company as your supply chain partners to help achieve your goals. We work with your 3PL providers, not replace them to achieve maximum efficiency

What is a 5PL ?

5PL is a relatively new term in the logistics industry and reflects the development of full logistic integration through many outsourced providers. 5PL involves a fully integrated logistics solution to encompass the whole supply chain from beginning to end through multiple outsourced service providers. Critical to success in achieving this is the effective integration of IT and computer systems to ensure real-time visibility and control of the entire supply chain no matter how many different suppliers are involved

a 5PL or fifth party logistics provider handles all the logistics needs of your company. The line between who is a partner and who is just a service provider almost disappears. Whereas a service provider handles specific pre-defined tasks, partners have a lot more responsibility. A 5PL acts is a strategic partner to its clients and works closely with the client’s employees.

What do Fifth party Logistics Providers have to offer?

Manage Multiple 3PL and 4PL Networks

Negotiate Shipping Rates on Your Behalf

Leverages the Latest Technologies

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