If you are in search of Miami Shipping Companies, you will be surprised by the number of companies showing up under that category. Miami, Being the gateway to the Caribbean, Central and South America has amassed a huge number of Freight Forwarders who made Miami their home. There are always new companies coming into the scene all the time and many companies disappearing just as fast. This is a changing business and continuously evolving. Offering shipping services alone will not create a viable business.

Exports to South America and imports from the far east have increased exponentially especially with more and more Online order fulfillment companies coming into the picture.

Miami Shipping companies offering more logistics services

Logistics Services such as cargo consolidation are in demand as importers from South America purchase products from various suppliers in the USA to be consolidated and shipped by Ocean Services to their Country.

Miami freight Forwarders are a dime a dozen with the good, bad and the ugly. New Forwarders appear every year on the scene and just as many close down. This has given freight forwarders in Miami. The other effect of having too many forwarders in Miami is the price war that exists among forwarders. try to get the business at any cost has compromised the service level. Customers want the best rate forgoing the service. This has added to the bad reputation of freight forwarders.

In spite of the competition and the price wars, some International Freight Forwarders maintained their service level and their rates managing to set themselves apart from the crowd. One of such Companies id ” Global Contract Logistics

3PL Companies in Florida.

We must not forget about 3PL Companies in Florida as more companies in the U.S use order fulfillment Companies in Miami to handle their Online Fulfillment since it is cheaper and more efficient.

Florida offers one of the lowest rates when it comes to warehousing and storage.

We should also note that international companies needed access to the U.S. market without the high cost of operating a warehouse, this lead to these companies retaining the services of 7Pl companies in Miami who provided the services needed.

As the the economy slows down in some of the markets in South America, freight forwarders start disappearing from the Miami map especially the one who focused solely on export services to South America.


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