In simple terms, Order fulfillment, also known as inventory fulfillment, and sometimes called E commerce Fulfillment or E Fulfillment ( when an ecommorce portal is used such as woocommrce or Shopify ) is the steps between taking new orders , processing orders, warehousing, packing, and shipping products.

Why hire a 3PL for order Fulfillment

Busnisses are resorting to outsourcing their fulfillment services to third party logistic providers . In a competitive environment, choosing the right 3PL company can be a game changer . Utilizing a Fulfillment Center provides businesses with a logistics advantage.

Third-Party Logistics offers an all-in-one solution for assembly, packaging, warehousing, distribution, inventory control and shipping..

Some of the reasons for hiring a 3PL Company are:

  • The cost effectiveness. The cost of having your own warehouse and hiring warehouse workers could be too high
  • 3PL companies have connected networks that provides significant savings.
  • 3PLs have the know how. Thye can offer solutions that are more economical.
  • A benefit of using a 3PL provider is the ability scale space, technology without adding more costs.

Advance Shipping Notice

  • The first step is to provider and ASN or Advance shippingnotice to the fulfillment center letteing them know what product is coming in and when.


  • Once a packinglist or ASN id provided, the inventory if received by offloading from a truck or receve from a courier. The inventory could have originated over seas and might have been shipped via Ocean Freight or Air Freight.

Storing Inventory

  • Inventory is counted and stored based on assigned locations in the warehouse.

Order Processing

  • Order processing starts once the order is placed. The requested items are picked and packed according to each individual order.

Item Packing

  • Items are packed with the appropriate packing materials to ensure the safety of all items shipped. Shipping labels are then placed on each package for shipping.

Delivery of Products

  • Most fulfillment companies will offer shipping through FedEx, UPS or USPS. Tracking information for all shipments is provided. In the case of Amazon Fulfillment, Amazon could provide the shipping labels.


  • In some cases, building product from components might be needed to make up a product tobe sold.


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